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Morsa Cyberg


We are Morsa-Cyberg  Orthopedic Products,  a manufacturer company of such orthopedic products like knee supports, elbow, hand and wrist supports, corsets, insoles, post op ortheses, neck collars, shoulder supports, slimming shorts etc. We produce our products in terms of CE and ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003 standards. We are the high quality and functional orthopedic products company  with cost effective solutions and a wide variety of product line.We belive that the most valuable thing in life is health and continue to work through the same consciousnesses from the first to the last step in our design and manufacturing process.

Our goal is to grow sustaianbly in the global medical market with high quality products and high level  customer satisfaction by putting the healthy and functional solutions on top of everything.

Our company is located in the Ikitelli industrial center of ISTANBUL and industrial center of IZMIR city, Turkey. As a result of almost 18 years? acquirements and experience, we have put the brand Morsa-Cyberg into Turkish and global medical world. We export our products to more than 40 different countries. The head office is in Istanbul whereas we also have factories in Istanbul and Uşak city.

As we produce our products under our brand Morsa-Cyberg , we also do contract manufacturing under our customers desired brands.

Please note that our company is a registered one in the under secretariat of Foreign Trade.

Morsa-Cyberg Orthopedics knows that the most important thing in life is human health and continues to work in this direction with the same consciousness.



MorsaCyberg knitted braces feature three-dimensional knitting for a breathable, anti-allergenic, comfortable fit. As a supportive material, contoured with silicone pads to provide a high level of protection as well as compression, and stabilization during sports activities.

Knitted Fabrics; highly flexible, with breathable fabrics and compressive properties.
The MorsaCyberg Knitting products is among the high-tech machines are manufactured in technical textiles.


MorsaCyberg Elastic webbing corsets, elastic woven Fabrics made using 100% cotton yarn.
Cotton yarns, especially sensitive skin contains less allergic risks.
Our fabrics are also feature air conditioning. to throw because the sweat and moisture away from the body.
The modern design also provides a high level of comfort and ease of use


Neoprene; synthetic rubber is a product of the family. Is obtained by polymerization of one kind of rubber. Neoprene is widely used in underwater diver’s clothesMorsaCyberg neoprene knee pads and some other products in the air-porous fabrics are preferred. (air mesh is prevents excessive sweating.) we use neoprene fabrics in our products, plush coating on the inside of the anti-allergic and provides optimum comfort, the outer surface of the jersey fabric, provides maximum durability and flexibility.

MorsaCyberg Neoprene braces are made of breathable neoprene fabric with the channels on it which allow body heat and sweat go through as water vapor.