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Through 17 years manufacturing experience in the soft orthopedic goods market in Turkey, we are providing our high-quality product line to more than 40 countries all around the world. We believe that the most valuable thing in life is health and we continue to work through the same consciousnesses from the first to the last step in our design and manufacturing process. Our goal is to grow sustainably in the global medical market with high-quality & innovative products and high-level customer satisfaction by putting the healthy and functional solutions on top of everything.

Morsa Orthopedics, the forerunner of the firsts in its field, presents a close to 200 product range to consumers under the name of MorsaCyberg brand, which is one of the first brands that come to mind in the medical orthopedics sector and has gained a serious place with quality and customer satisfaction.

Morsa Orthopedics knows that the most important thing in life is human health and continues to work in this direction with the same consciousness.

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We are responsible for the environment as much as for our customers. Being the direct manufacturer helps us to control every single step of the sustainable manufacturing process including the eco-friendly material selection and to success the global challenge of going green in manufacturing.

Morsa-Cyberg Knitting Products

The new generation products are produced in high technology technical textile machines which we have in our possession.

Morsa-Cyberg Neoprene Products

We are working to produce quality products that will provide both an aesthetic appearance and a sense of well-being.

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